Here's how I carve an eagle.....

Blue Hill, Maine

Andrew Wyeth - Pennsylvania scene (right  in my back yard)

How I carve a ca. 1880 Bellamy 'Soaring Eagle'.........


            William Francis Brown      

                 Furniture Maker

Bellamy Eagles

  • Ca. 1870
  • Based on John Halley Bellamy's famous eagles carved in Kittery, Maine and Portsmouth, NH
  • Originals sell at auction for $500,000-600,000!
  • ​Unfinished or Genuine 24k Gold-leaf and painted
  • Prices vary according to size (2 - 5 feet lengths), finish, and complexity: $350 - $3,500

Belted Galloways

​Rockport, Maine

Andrew Wyeth -Maine coast scene