Some Favourite places.......

C.S. Lewis  

Oxford, 1958

Patrick Henry, 1778

Here's some of my solo guitar music..........

Aquinas, 1190

Scottish Highlands

A few of my favourite people.........

Leo Kottke, 1977

Sir Winston, 1942

Chester County, PA

G.F. Handel, 1768

My shop in upstate NY (hamlet of W. Martinsburgh, outside Watertown), 1997-1999


            William Francis Brown      

                 Furniture Maker

Member SAPFM

Camden, Maine

Joshua Chamberlain, 1865

Edmund Burke, 1780

GKC, 1910

Alexis de Toqueville, 1845

Chester County Historical Society

My Collings D2HG guitar

John Fahey, 1962