William Francis Brown

Fine Furniture Maker

& Carver


  • Specializing in the antique furniture of Chester County, Pennsylvaniathe carving of traditional Bellamy style eagles

  • Unique, historically inspired furnishings for your home

"Craft is a combination of knowledge, skill and intuition all working together"

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"Some old things are lovely, warm still with life ... of the forgotten men who made them."

         - D.H. Lawrence

Heading 4

      "When I was looking for the right maker for this desk, I knew it was you because of the love and beauty I saw in each of your works, and because you care so much about your craft that you want to teach others to carry on the traditions of it. Your pieces show that that your work is more than just a living to you, it is a calling, or a passion, if you will. Excellence comes naturally to those who love what they do, and your work shows it in abundance. I felt myself fortunate that you were willing to take on this project, as I knew you would create a beautiful piece that would do honor to Jefferson’s original design. As I said before, I can’t thank you enough."


             Alexandria, Virginia

Here’s a Bellamy eagle I recently carved

Recently featured on the "Wood And Shop" program.