Bellamy Eagles - Page II
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Faith, Hope, Charity Bellamy Eagle

  • 32 inch wingspan

  • 24 karat gold leaf gilding; available in any degree of antiqued finish from light burnishing to original 19th century look

  • Bold, bright, and beautiful

  • $3200  plus shipping


Resolute Eagle

  • 32 inch span

  • This was designed for the American poet,     Resolute Lee, using a phrase from his         work.  This eagle works very well           without the banner, or it can be               personalized to your liking.

  • $5,000 with banner;  $4,500 without

Camden Bellamy Eagle

Pictured eagle is 5 feet wide
Can personalize with your slogan or address
$3500 without banner; $4000 with any size banner
Price varies according to wingspan (reflects amount of gold leaf also)
  24k gold leaf; - can burnish or antique to desired  effect



Yuletide Bellamy Eagle
        (Coming soon)
36" span
Original design by Wm. Francis Brown
24k Gold Leaf

Wreath with holly berries

Don't Give Up the Ship

PYNF6575 (1).JPG
GWOU5769 (1).JPG
LVCV3854 (1).JPG
  • Price varies according to size

  • This one was $3,200 for 34" wingspan

  • Client wanted Burnished gold leaf to reduce sheen

  • Carved gold leaf gilded letters on banner

Libertas Aut Morire (Liberty or Death)

23 karat gold leaf; 32" span; carved letters
Note: Client did not want the pinstripe on the banner

Dental Office eagle and sign banner


24 karat gold leaf
5 foot wingspan
Personalize your banner
$5,500 + shipping

Second eagle for dental practice in Connecticut