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Windsor chairs

    My windsors are historical reproductions. I use many of the original hand tools, since there is not other way to accurately reproduce a windsor.  The tools are wonderful and it's a real work out making a chair.  These tools include bit & brace with spoon bits, travisher, scorp, gutter adze, compass planes, tapered reamers, spokeshaves, shaving horse, and casein based mild paint.  I've made over 50 windsors to date, many custom fit for folks all over the USA.  I've also made windsors for historic homes and sites.  Dimensions are typically 35" tall, 24" wide, 16" deep


Dolley Madison's actual chair to right.  My copy (prior to painting) to left.  One of a set made for James and Dolley's Montpelior Estate.


James Madison's side chair to right.  It's his actual chair.  I like to imagine he penned the Constitution sitting in this chair.  My copy to left.   One of a set of 8 exact reproductions I made for Madison's Montpelior Estate in Orange, Virginia


New York Continuous arm windsor

  •     Cherry seat, red oak spindles and arm,

  •      Maple posts and legs

  •      23" wide, 21" deep, 38" tall

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